March 26, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  6.58
Time =  1:04:42
Ave. Speed =  6.0
Max. Speed =  17.3
Monthly Dist. =    74.16
Yearly Dist. =  197.63

I took Sofie out for another mountain bike ride to Mars Court. This time we took the single track off of the main road to the right and then looped back around. She stayed right on my wheel the entire way through the singletrack. I slowed down for her on the downhills but I probably won't have to do that for very long. She can walk fast at about 6 miles and hour and she can trot along at about 10 miles an hour. She's going to have the speed, we just need to work on her endurance. What a good dog.

There wasn't any snow or mud on the singletrack but there was a little bit once we got down to the lower road. It's drying out quickly and in a few more days just about everything should be rideable. It sure is fun having her along for the ride.

On the way back up the road to the trailhead we passed a hiker who was heading down. Sofie said a quick hello to him with a tail wag and then we headed for home. It was a very nice, sunny day with temps around 70 degrees and only a little bit of wind.

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