April 7, 2012

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.34
Time =  5:48:27
Ave. Speed =  10.5
Max. Speed =  38.5
Monthly Dist. =    61.34
Yearly Dist. =  295.52

I headed out around 8 a.m. feeling good. I had a goal to complete this ride in less than six hours and I succeeded. I just looked back through the Streak Rides to see when I did the ride faster than this one. It was Streak Ride #33 which was less than five hours. I must have been in pretty good shape back then. That gives me something to work toward.

It was cool out when I left the house but not cold. I had on my full-fingered gloves and my headband but I didn't even bring my heavy gloves and my hat. When I got to the other side of the freeway I got rid of the headband, traded the full-fingered gloves for half-fingered ones and put away my coat. It was shaping up to be a very nice day.

I got down to the Y and as soon as I turned up the Crest Highway the wind started to blow. I took a break at my break spot and then I started up the long climb. The wind came and went and I didn't let it bother me too much. I decided that I would stay in my middle chain ring in order to try and break the six hour mark. There were times that I wasn't spinning it very fast but I did manage to stay in it all the way to the top. That in itself took about a half an hour off of last month's ride.

When I reached Capulin I went around the gate and went down to the road that I think goes to the spring, but it still had snow on it so I couldn't get too far. This is kind of embarrassing but nobody reads these things anyway, so I'll write it down. I felt the need to fart but when I did -- It wasn't a fart! Oh Shit! I quickly pulled my shorts down so that I wouldn't mess them up and I was relieved to see that I hadn't. I was glad that I was out of sight of the road. Now I needed something to clean myself off with. I thought of sacrificing an item of clothing but I would need everything I had for the ride down. My other choices were rocks, sticks, pine needles, dry leaves... none of them were good choices. Then I got the idea to use some snow. It was cold and wet and abrasive, but it did a good job. I got myself all cleaned up and I decided that any further fart feelings that I would have on this ride would be suppressed.

I got back on the bike and continued the climb to the top. I stopped at the top just long enough to check the temperature (it was 38 degrees) and put on more clothes for the ride down. There wasn't much ice water on the road that I had to deal with, but there were some curves that had quite a bit of sand on them. I was very careful not to have too much speed going into them. It had snowed about seven or eight inches just three days ago but it was all melted off of the road.

I stopped at the gas station at the bottom to fill up on water and then I headed out. I wasn't going to be able to treat myself to a Pinkies burrito today because I had forgotten my wallet. Bummer. I thought of stopping in and asking if I could get credit and I would send her a check in the mail but I decided against that. I wasn't starving since I had brought along three PowerBars and I had eaten two of them.

I started the climb up 337 towards Raven Road and the wind at the bottom tried to torture me a little bit. As hi climbed up higher it sometimes turned into a tailwind which was kind of nice. All in all it was a beautiful, sunny day with temps that rose up into the upper 60s.

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