April 10, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  13.06
Time =  2:03:26
Ave. Speed =  6.3
Max. Speed =  22.5
Monthly Dist. =    74.40
Yearly Dist. =  308.58

I took Sofie out for a bike ride and when we were finished we had covered a half marathon, 13 miles. We left the house and went over to Mars Court and headed out on the singletrack. We looped around to the forest road and then at about the four mile mark we stopped for a short break. I had Sofies's folding water dish and she drank a little water and rested for a minute. That's about all the time she needed to catch her breath.

We continued up the road which went all the way through David Canyon and dead ended at the Isleta Indian Reservation. We took another short break there and Sofie drank some more water. From there we went back to the continuation of Turkey Trot trail and headed back up to Mars Court. Along the way we met a gal coming down who had two big dogs with her. One of them was a giant German Shepherd and the other was a Black Lab. I slowed down while she put leashes on her dogs which probably wasn't necessary. Sofie didn't pay any attention to the dogs as we rode by and the gal commented on how cute Sofie was.

We finally topped out at Mars Court and then we headed for home. Along the way we passed a lot where some guys were moving in a new mobile home. Sofie started to say hello to one of the guys but when he reached out toward her she got nervous and growled a little and moved away. That's the first time she's acted like that towards anyone.

It was a warm, sunny day and a little bit breezy with temps around 70 degrees. Sofie took a little nap once we made it back to the house.

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