April 28, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  16.46
Time =  2:22:11
Ave. Speed =  6.9
Max. Speed =  22.0
Monthly Dist. =    103.69
Yearly Dist. =  337.87

Sofie and I hit the trails again at Mars Court and this time we set a new distance record. Sixteen and a half miles. That's a pretty good effort for a little dog that only weighs 30 pounds. She's a tough 30 pounds. We'd stop about every four miles or so and she would drink some water and lie down for a few minutes and then it was back on the trails. She is really cute running along behind the bike.

We went out on some singletrack that we had never been on before and also some fire road that was cut during the fire a few years ago. I'm not exactly sure how we ended up on that fire break but I am pretty sure that I had never ridden on it before. I know that it was Sofie's first time.

Part of our travels took us to the continuation trail of Turkey Trot up on the ridge. As we were winding our way through the trees we saw a giant turkey on the trail ahead of us. Sofie was behind me and couldn't get around to chase the bird. It ran for about a hundred feet or so and then it took off and flew away. We both watched in awe. The turkey was about three times Sofie's size. It was by far, the biggest bird I have ever seen out in the wild. I had seen some very large turkey tracks in the mud out here before, and now I have seen the bird that made those tracks. That was really cool.

It was a warm, sunny day with temps in the upper 70s and there were occasional breezes. Sofie was a tired little doggy when we finally got back to the house.

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