June 15, 2012

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.51
Time =  6:59:04
Ave. Speed =  8.8
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    70.29
Yearly Dist. =  469.60

I left the house around 8:00 a.m. and it was already warm enough that I didn't need my jacket. I've got to enjoy this while I can. I had a little bit of a headwind as I headed down 337 but it let up as I got down toward the freeway. I rode through Cedar Crest and then took a short break at my break spot near the Y.

Just as I was about to begin the long climb my mp3 player went dead. I had forgotton to charge it the night before and I was only able to leave it plugged in for about a half an hour before I left. Backup battery to the rescue! I have an external battery pack that can operate and charge the music player and it can also charge a cell phone. Sometimes it's nice to be prepared.

I began the climb feeling good and just taking it easy. There were hardly any other bike riders out. Nobody passed me on the way up and there were only three or four riders coming down as I was going up. I think that maybe people thought it was going to be too hot and they just stayed home.

I pedalled up to Capulin and took a little break there before finishing off the climb and rolling in to the parking lot at the top. I only stopped long enough to check the temperature, which was 65 degrees, and then I headed down. I didn't bother to put on my jacket because I knew that it wouldn't take long for temperatures to climb as I headed down. By the time I reached the bottom it was probably around 90 degrees. Nice.

It had been a while since I'd had a Pinkies burrito so I decided to treat myself. It was an early Father's Day present to me. The burrito was delicious and I was soon on my way out the door and heading for home. The climb back up to Raven Road seemed to take forever but eventually I made it back to the house. It's nice to get Streak Ride #90 in the books. Only 10 to go until 100!

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