June 18, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  5.07
Time =  55.41
Ave. Speed =  5.3
Max. Speed =  15.6
Monthly Dist. =    81.25
Yearly Dist. =  480.56

I haven't taken Sofie out for a bike ride in a long time. Part of the reason is that it's been so hot that I haven't wanted to inflict that kind of pain on her but she really does need the exercise. I decided that I would take us both on a short ride. We drove over to Mars Court and then started our ride from there.

We headed out on the single track that heads towards the south. The Forest Service has put out a lot of new signage and they are calling this trail Turkey Trot. Now it's official. What I used to sometimes call the continuation of Turkey Trot, now it really is Turkey Trot.

At about two and a half miles is where the trail drops down into David Canyon and and we stopped there for a water break. Sofie was very thirsty. She almost drank her entire water bottle in one sitting. I let her catch her breath for a few minutes and then we headed up David Canyon. We took the trail near the pond back up to Mars Court. That trail seems like it has become even rockier than I remember it to have been. I was getting a workout.

We made it back to the car and I think Sofie enjoyed the effort. She had a good nap when we got back to the house.

It was a hot and sunny day without much wind. Temps were in the low 90s.

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