July 22, 2012

Location =  Sandia Peak Ski Area  
Distance =  23
Time =  
Ave. Speed =  
Max. Speed =  
Monthly Dist. =    148.55
Yearly Dist. =  644.37

Another weekend of sweep rides down the mountain. I did two on King of the Mountain and one on Golden Eagle. It didn't rain on me but the rides were not without their problems.

The first ride that I did on Friday evening was very pleasant. There were no issues, just a pleasant ride down King to finish up the day.

Saturday's ride turned out to be more of a challenge. I went down King again but something happened to my derailleur up near the top of the mountain. The derailleur was stuck on the biggest cog and when I would try to pedal the chain would come off and fall into the wheel forcing me to stop pull the chain out from being jammed against the spokes. This was very frustrating and it added a lot of time to my ride. At least I was still on the clock.

I found out that night when I got home from the ride and put the bike in the stand that if I would have forced the chain off of the big cog it would have shifted fine from the small cog to the second biggest cog. It would only get jammed in the big cog. I thought that the derailleur was bent but a trip to the bike shop revealed that it was a problem with my quick release and the axle of the wheel. Resetting the wheel fixed it! I was so happy that I have ordered a set of Avid mechanical disc brakes. Welcome to the 21st century.

Before I found out that my bike was working I still had one more sweep to do, Sunday. I took my back-up bike with me to work, the red Cannondale and was looking forward to a different ride. The Cannondale is fully rigid with no shock or fancy fork. It beats me up pretty good so my plan was just to take it easy and casually head down the mountain. I was sweeping Golden Eagle and Paul was going to do King of the Mountain. We closed about and hour early because there was some lightning but, thankfully, there was no rain. As I neared the bottom of Golden I felt the rear wheel go squishy and I knew that I had a flat tire. I radioed that I was going to be slightly delayed due to a flat tire. As I was attaching the pump to the tube to preinflate the tube, I somehow managed to snap the handle of the pump off. I got back on the radio to say that I had just broken my pump and I would be walking down. Less than a minute later Paul got on the radio to say that he had a flat tire and he also had broken his pump. That was a very weird coincidence.

Mark came on on the atv to help finish the sweep and then he went to go find Paul who was a lot farther from the bottom than I was. It was nice to finally be done for the weekend.

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