August 6, 2012

Location =  Oak Flat  
Distance =  7.42
Time =  1:07:43
Ave. Speed =  6.5
Max. Speed =  14.5
Monthly Dist. =    31.42
Yearly Dist. =  704.46

Sofie and I drove over to Oak Flat and began our ride there. We made the loop around the Albuquerque Open Space area and stopped for a break when we were about halfway around. It was a hot day with temps in the upper 80s, but at least it was in the 80s and not the 90s.

I saw several dime-sized baby horned toads on the trail. It must be their hatching season. Sofie saw one of them and she started to go after it, but I told her "no" and she left it alone. It's more likely that she left it alone because I was riding away down the trail, rather than being told "no" but at least she didn't harm the little guy.

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