August 7, 2012

Location =  Oak Flat  
Distance =  7.77
Time =  1:11:42
Ave. Speed =  6.4
Max. Speed =  16.8
Monthly Dist. =    39.19
Yearly Dist. =  712.23

Sofie and I went back to Oak Flat to go for a bike ride for a second day in a row. We've got to work on building up her endurance, and mine.

Before the ride I went into town and had some disc brakes put on my bike. They are mechanical brakes rather than hydraulic but they are still awesome. They are plenty powerful enough to stop my measly 160 pounds when I'm heading down the hill. I'm taking it easy while going through the break-in period on the rotors.

We started our ride at Oak Flat and immediately dropped down into the Pine Flat Area. We rode out to the trailhead and we went on Pine Flat Loop and Gambel Oak. Gambel Oak brought us to Mahogony Trail which took us back to Oak Flat. Before we went back to the car we took the singletrack down to the ABQ Open Space and then rode back to the parking lot.

It was a little bit hotter of a day than yesterday was, with temps around 90 degrees. We didn't take our break until after 4 miles and Sofie was very thirsty. We stayed in the shade for a few minutes while she drank and rested up a bit.

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