August 8, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  8.17
Time =  1:24:21
Ave. Speed =  5.7
Max. Speed =  13.8
Monthly Dist. =    47.26
Yearly Dist. =  720.40

Sofie and I drove out to Mars Court to do another ride. This will make three days in a row that we've gone for a ride. This ought to get her endurance built up, especially in this heat. It was back up into the low 90s again.

When we arrived at the the parking lot there were two guys there in a pickup truck that were getting ready to go for a ride. As I was unloading my bike from the jeep a young woman came jogging through the parking lot with a large border collie. Sofie took notice but she didn't do anything. In a few minutes we headed out and just happened to take the same trail as the woman and her border collie. As we overtook the two of them Sofie started to growl at her dog. The dog was twice the size of Sofie and he just looked at her and then ignored her.

We continued on down the trail and then turned off to go down the unmarked singletrack. I thought I knew where I was going but instead of going through the arch tree I went the wrong way which took me down a very steep trail and into somebody's backyard. As I was going down the steep section I thought to myself that I didn't remember doing that before. I should have paid more attention to that thought. When I finally did realize my mistake we turned around and headed back up. I rode up some of it and walked up most of it. Once we got back up I saw the arch tree and where we made our wrong turn. We got back on the correct trail and then went to where the big rectangle rock is and took a break.

Sofie drank up a bunch of water and so did I. As we were sitting on the rock the two guys from the parking lot showed up. Sofie started to bark at them so I grabbed her by the collar. The first rider rode up on a log and then on to the rock we were sitting and then off down the trail. I told him, "Nice job." I moved my bike a little bit out of the way for the second guy and then he did the same thing. I think that's beyond my skill level.

After a few minutes of rest and cooling off we continued our ride. We rode out to the firebreak area and then took a couple of different trails to get back to Mars Court.

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