August 9, 2012

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.29
Time =  6:04:16
Ave. Speed =  10.1
Max. Speed =  42.0
Monthly Dist. =    108.55
Yearly Dist. =  781.69

I left the house about 8:00 feeling good. It was a little bit cool out at first but that didn't last for long. As soon as I dropped down in elevation the temperature rose and it was very comfortable out. I made it to my break spot by the Y in just over an hour and I took a break there and soaked in the beautiful morning.

After a few minutes I headed up the mountain. Not too far from Doc Long I smelled a bad odor. By the side of the road was a rotting corpse of a deer that had been hit by a car. Poor thing. I continued climbing up to Capulin and I took another break when I got there. This break was a long one. I rested for at least 20 minutes before I headed back out. While I was there I managed to screw up my mp3 player somehow. It locked itself up to where it wouldn't play any music and none of the buttons worked. I couldn't even turn the thing off. I rode the rest of the ride without tunes and it wasn't all bad. There was hardly any traffic on the road and I was able to hear the birds singing and the rustle of the wind through the trees. Very nice.

Eventually, I cruised in to the top and only stayed long enough to check the temperature on the thermometer. It was 64 degrees. I cruised down the mountain enjoying the feeling of the air warming up as I descended. It was very pleasant until about two miles from the bottom where the air temperature switched over from being pleasant to being oven-like. That was brutal. I passed a deer along the way that was munching grass by the side of the road.

As I neared the bottom I was debating whether or not I wanted to stop at the gas station and get some water and a candy bar or continue on to Pinkies to enjoy a delicious burrito. As the heat was sucking the energy out of me I decided that Pinkies was just what I needed to make it back to the house. My Pinkies burrito card had five punches so the burrito was going to be free. That was an added bonus. I rode to the restaurant and put in my order and sat down to wait. It seemed like the wait was longer than usual but when the burrito was brought out all I could say was, "That is amazing." She said, "Yeah, it is a masterpiece isn't it." The burrito was huge and it was covered with guacamole, salsa and green chile. It was awesome and beautiful. I did my best to finish it but there were two bites that I just couldn't eat. Pinkies Rocks!

I left Pinkies stuffed and headed back towards the house. The climb up S337 to Raven Road wasn't too bad. At least as I gained in elevation the temperature fell a little bit. It was probably in the mid 80s by the time I made it back to the house.

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