August 15, 2012

Location =  Oak Flat  
Distance =  9.45
Time =  1:19:14
Ave. Speed =  7.1
Max. Speed =  18.4
Monthly Dist. =    156.27
Yearly Dist. =  829.41

Back to Oak Flat again with Sofie for the second day in a row. It was another hot day with temps in the low 90s. This kind of exercise is really making the dog fit and trim. There's not a gram of fat on that animal.

We rode down Mahagony trail all the way to Juan Tomas. The trail has been heavily used by atvers and it shows. We rode down Juan Tomas a little ways looking for the other Mahagoney trail to ride back up on, but I couldn't remember how far down the road the trail was so we turned around and headed back up the way we came. We stopped for a water and rest break and then climbed back up to Oak Flat.

Before we went back to the car we detoured into the open space space area and then added just a little bit more distance by driving around the parking lot.

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