September 4, 2012

Location =  Oak Flat  
Distance =  7.66
Time =  1:02:47
Ave. Speed =  7.2
Max. Speed =  16.8
Monthly Dist. =    42.16
Yearly Dist. =  960.98

Sofie and I hooked up with Robert again, and we drove out to Oak Flat to ride the trails in that area.

We made the loop around the Open Space and took our break about halfway around. Sofie sucked up some water and she was ready to go, so it was just a short break. We finished the loop and then rode back up to Oak Flat. We added a short detour toward Pine Flat and then back up to Oak Flat where we made a loop around the parking lot and then back to his truck.

It was a little bit overcast when we started the ride and the temperature seemed surprisingly moderate. After a while the sun came back out and it was somewhere in the low 80s.

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