September 10, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  12.12
Time =  1:46:41
Ave. Speed =  6.8
Max. Speed =  17.6
Monthly Dist. =    74.48
Yearly Dist. =  993.30

Sofie and I went back to Mars Court to try and figure out the trails a little bit better. After the fire that burned on the air force base a few years ago things have changed in appearance with regard to the trails. A firebreak was built and a new road was blazed. There are new trails and old ones that look different. I'm starting to put all the pieces together.

Sofie and I went up to the top of Turkey Trot and then down the backside trail all the way until it came out where I think we made our wrong turn yesterday. Parts of this trail were new to me with some steep downhill sections. I don't remember having ridden them before. They would definitely be walking sections going in the other direction. This ride helped me to connect the dots on some of the trails out here.

It was a bit cooler today than it has been in quite a while. There were some big gray clouds and some breezes and temps only made it into the 70s.

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