September 17, 2012

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10
Time =  
Ave. Speed =  
Max. Speed =  
Monthly Dist. =    96.72
Yearly Dist. =  1015.54

Sofie and I started our ride from the house instead of driving to Mars Court. We were on Raven Road when I noticed that Sofie was running very close to my left leg as I was pedaling along. This was unusual for her as she is usually wandering all over the road but never close to the bicycle. I looked over my shoulder and I could see a dog had come up behind us and was following her. I told him, "No," but he kept following us. A second "No," got him to drop back. A few minutes later we were at Mars Court and we headed out on the singletrack.

I forgot the bike computer so 10 miles is a guess for this ride. It's a mile and a half from the house to the trailhead so that's three miles for the round trip. We wandered around for at least seven miles while we were on the trails.

On the way back up to Mars Court to finish the ride, four riders were coming down. I stopped to let them go by and told them that there was a dog behind me. After they went by I looked around and there was no dog. I turned around and headed down the trail after the guys. Sofie had gotten confused and had followed them down the trail, maybe thinking that I was one of them. The last guy had stopped and I appreciated that. I called the dog and we were both glad that we were back together. We went back up to the parking lot and then back to the house.

It was a very nice day, partly cloudy, with temps in the low 80s.

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