October 2, 2012

Location =  Roosevelt Middle School, Tijeras  
Distance =  5.80
Time =  1:10:07
Ave. Speed =  6.88
Max. Speed =  23.0
Monthly Dist. =    5.80
Yearly Dist. =  1080.40

Neighbor Don from the old house in Sandia Heights called me up last week and told me about a cyclocross race that was going to be held at the Roosevelt Middle School. He was going to race in it but I said that I might show up to watch.

I did show up to watch and before the race started we were led on a lap around the course. One lap was probably a little more than a mile. There were flags defining the route that would deliberately force you off of your bike in places and you would have to run for a short distance. Most of the racers had very lightweight bikes that were more like road bikes than mountains bikes. The tires are a little wider than a road bike's tires to allow for riding on the dirt.

It was a very informal race with everyone taking off in a mass start. I think that you had a choice of riding either four or five laps. Don was toward the back of the pack because he had a 29" mountain bike rather than cyclocross specific type of bike. Also, he was racing against a bunch of kids who are about a third of his age.

I spent most of my time riding around in circles and watching the other riders go by. It was a very nice evening for a ride, but I'm glad that I wasn't in the race.

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