October 11, 2012

Location =  Sandia Peak Ski Area  
Distance =  14.66
Time =  2:28:50
Ave. Speed =  5.8
Max. Speed =  17.1
Monthly Dist. =    90.54
Yearly Dist. =  1165.14

I had a day off from work but I went to Sandia Peak anyway. Sofie and I went there so that we could ride up the King of the Mountain trail, and then down the Golden Eagle trail. Also, Chef Guy who runs the cafeteria, has a brother in Santa Fe who owns a bakery. His brother made some Napoleans for my son's birthday so I was able able to pick those up at the end of the ride. It's a tradition for my son to have Napoleans on his birthday rather than cake. What better place to get them, than from a genuine French baker.

Sofie and I headed up King of the Mountain trail and about halfway up we stopped to take a water break. It was a pretty spot that's in the "North Forty." That's an area that is out of bounds of the ski area but it is the prettiest part of the trail. We sat in the sun for a few minutes and then headed up the trail.

As we were nearing the top we passed a couple of old guys that were on their way down. I usually wouldn't mention anything about someone's age but Sofie and I would see these guys again in about an hour.

We finally made it to the top and we hung out with the guys at the chairlift for a few minutes and Sofie rested and drank some more water. She played with some of the tourists and after a while it was time to head down the mountain. I put my jacket on and we headed down Golden Eagle. I took it pretty easy because I didn't to work Sofie too hard.

About a mile or two down the trail we came upon the two old guys that we had seen earlier, on the King of the Mountain trail. They asked me what trail I was on and I told them, "Golden Eagle." Sofie and I continued on and very shortly I heard the two guys behind us. I pulled over and let them go by and waited for at least five minutes to try and give them a big head start. It wasn't big enough because we caught up with them very soon and I could see that one of the guys was suffering, and he did not have the skills for what he had gotten himself into. That's why they bailed off of the King trail. They did eventually make it safely down because I saw them again in the parking lot.

Once we reached the bottom I tied Sofie up to a bike rack and went inside to get the Napoleans. We ate them that evening at the birthday party and everyone enjoyed the day.

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