October 23, 2012

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.10
Time =  6:25:08
Ave. Speed =  9.5
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    151.64
Yearly Dist. =  1226.24

It took me a while to get this written down but now I am finally caught up.

I headed out shortly after 8:00 in the morning. It was a bit cool, in the 40s, so I had my jacket on for the trip down the hill to the freeway. Once I reached the sidewalk on North 14 I stopped and took off the jacket. I wouldn't need it for the rest of the day. I continued through Cedar Crest and along the way I passed a dead fox at the side of the road that was struck by car. Poor thing. He was a very pretty animal.

I rode in to my break spot near the Y, and that's when I realized that I had forgotten to put some PowerBars in my pack. Dummy. I usually would eat at least one during the climb, either at the Y or at Capulin or at the top. Not this time. I began to think about how good a Pinkies burrito would taste once I finally got there.

I left the Y and headed up the big climb. It was quite windy for the first three or four miles. There were times when it was pushing me around a little bit. By the time I reach the Tree Spring trailhead the wind died down and really didn't come back much at all, the rest of the day. I took my break at Capulin and then finished off the climb to the top, where it was 51 degrees. I didn't stay long up there because I was anxious to get that Pinkies burrito in me. When I finally did -- As usual, it was delicious.

After leaving Pinkies I headed for home. The climb up to Raven Road was a workout. I haven't done much in the last few weeks.

It turned out to be a very excellent day for a ride. There was never a cloud in the sky and temps reached into the low 70s.

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