February 16, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  12.59
Time =  2:18:01
Ave. Speed =  5.4
Max. Speed =  20.5
Monthly Dist. =    12.59
Yearly Dist. =  73.68

Sofie and I left the house and rode over to Mars Court in search of dry trails. I would say that 99% of the trails are dry but that last 1% really made a mess out of me and my bike. Most of the patches of snow were small and easily ridden through, but a few of them had thick mud that sucked all movement out of the tires.

We went down the road to David Canyon and then went up the road to the ridge. There were some shady spots that were icy and snowy, but they were mostly pretty easy to ride around. We rode out to Turkey Trot and took the continuation. The muddy spots on that trail were harder to ride around because there wasn't much room. One spot was particularly nasty. The mud sucked my tires down about six inches and I veered to the right into some pricker bushes as I tried to keep the wheels turning. I attempt to pull the bike back to the left to extricate myself but it was no use. My momentum was gone and I fell over to the left, unable to get my foot unclipped. Oh, well.

I picked myself up and brushed off some of the mud and kept on going. I had to walk in a couple of places due to a mud-caked bike and my own lack of fitness. I made my way to the 106 road which has a very steep climb on it. I walked that section. That might be something I can practice on later in the season. I continued down 106 and then got back on David Canyon and headed back towards that trailhead. Unfortunately, that section of David Canyon Road was extremely muddy so I went back to find the singletrack to take to the parking lot. I did find the start of the the Cajun Trail but it was blocked off and a sign pointed back in the other direction. I went back and found the new start of the trail right where the Drop In trail starts. It's well laid out and rides through some nice rocks. I have to admit that this does make more sense.

The singletrack trail back to Mars Court had a few more spots of mud but it wasn't too bad. On the way back to the house on Raven Road there was a big German Shepherd that was loose that chased us a little bit. That is not acceptable and if he does it again I am going to have to take some kind of action.

It was a very nice day for a ride. It was mostly sunny with temps in the 50s. It was a little bit breezy at times but the wind wasn't consistent. It was a good ride to get Sofie's year started. I think that she is going to be stronger and faster this year. She seems to have upped her speed a couple miles an hour. There was one stretch of road the went downhill and Sofie sprinted past me even though I was going 19 miles an hour. She wouldn't have been able to do that last year.

It wasn't just the bike that had problems with the mud. Sofie spent much of the evening trying to get the mud out of her toes.

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