March 7, 2013

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.39
Time =  6:06:40
Ave. Speed =  10.0
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    61.39
Yearly Dist. =  196.57

Streak Ride #99 is done. Next month is 100!

This was a perfect day for this ride. Temps were forecasted to reach into the 60s with no wind. It was sunny day without a cloud in the sky. I left the house a little after 8 o'clock and headed down 337. I didn't even bring my warm gloves or hat or face mask. I did have my headband on but when I reached the sidewalk on the other side of the freeway I took that off, as well as my full-fingered gloves. When I stopped for my break at the Y I put away my jacket. I was wearing arm warmers and leg warmers and I was counting on them to keep me warm. Occasionally a breeze would blow that would go right through my shirt and freeze my torso, but usually that wouldn't last more than a couple minutes. I ate a PowerBar at the Y and another one at Capulin, and that took me to the top.

The gift shop and snack bar are still closed up there, so I couldn't go in and warm up. I didn't really need to. It was probably about 35 degrees up there. I only stopped long enough to put on my jacket, headband, and full-fingered gloves, and then I headed down. There were a few spots of melting ice water that covered the road. I slowed down for the ones that I couldn't go around. There were two other riders on their way up as I was on my way down. There was a guy on what looked like a 29 inch mountain bike with very knobby tires. The other rider was an older women on a cruiser, type bike. At least I wasn't the only one out there.

I went in the gas station at the bottom to fill up on water and take off my warmer clothes. I stayed long enough to eat a Twix bar and then I was back out on the road. There was a pretty strong head wind blowing at me as I made my way through Cedar Crest. I was glad that I didn't have to deal with that over the course of the whole ride. Once I reached 337 the wind was not an issue.

Making the climb back up to Raven Road was a little bit easier on this ride than it has been in the last few months. I have been working out on the stationary bike, gradually building up my time and effort. It seems to be helping. My time was a lot faster this month when compared to last month.

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