March 17, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  16.42
Time =  2:48:36
Ave. Speed =  5.8
Max. Speed =  19.7
Monthly Dist. =    77.81
Yearly Dist. =  212.99

The trails have finally dried out enough to head back into the forest. Sofie and I went for a hike a few days ago to check it out, and it was almost dry. The road through David Canyon was the worst. I'm glad we weren't riding a bicycle then, it would have been a mess. This time there were almost no mud spots at all.

We left from the house and rode to Mars Court by way of Big Dipper. Just before Skyland we saw a small turkey running in the road. To my surprise Sofie didn't chase after it. When we got to Mars Court we started our ride by heading down Wild Turkey. We went over to Cajun Pine and then took the Drop In trail. While we were going down that trail Sofie spotted two deer and she did chase after them. We continued making our way to the north and we ended up taking the Blue Ribbon trail all the way down to Otero Canyon. We took our second water break at the trail intersection.

After a few minutes we rode back up through the canyon to the trail that goes back up to the plateau area. There were about eight guys on mountain bikes standing around up there, and Sofie ran over to each of them with her tail wagging and said hello to every one. It was really cute. The trail out of Otero Canyon used to be very steep and had to be walked. That portion of trail has been replaced with a long switchback and it is much improved.

We made our way back to Mars Court by way of the difficult trail, which doesn't have an official name. I fell in one spot and walked a couple of others. I need more practice. We went up the road to get back to the trailhead, and as we got closer to the gate we began to overtake two horseback riders with three horses. The riderless horse noticed us behind him and he got a little bit nervous. I hung back with Sofie until they got to the parking lot so that they wouldn't be scared. Once we arrived at the parking area a couple of dogs came over and said hi to Sofie. After a few sniffs we rode out to Raven Road and headed for home.

It was a nice day for a ride with mostly sunny skies and temps in the low 60s.

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