March 31, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  15.44
Time =  2:24:48
Ave. Speed =  6.3
Max. Speed =  19.6
Monthly Dist. =    118.81
Yearly Dist. =  253.99

Sofie and I went to Mars Court to hit the trails again. We went down Wild Turkey while about ten riders were making their way up. You have to put up with that when you go out riding on the weekends. I've been seeing lots of cars at Tunnel Canyon and Otero Canyon the past few weekends so I know there are plenty of riders out there. Thankfully, most of them don't make it up as high a Mars Court. Less traffic.

When we got down to David Canyon we headed south and went to the fenceline of the Isleta Indian Reservation and took our first break. After a few minutes we rode back and went up Turkey Trot. That is a challenging climb. Each time I do it I ride a little bit more and walk a little bit less.

We made our way to the trail that runs along the air force base and were heading down that when all of a sudden, a huge coyote ran across the trail in front of us, maybe a 100 feet. It was about three times the size of Sofie and it's stride seemed to cover about 20 feet. In three bounds he was out of sight. I'm not sure if Sofie even saw him because she was behind me and she didn't make any attempt to run after him. Of course, maybe she did see him and that's why she didn't chase after him. I would have called her off if she had started to give chase. We eventually came out at the Drop In trail and then headed back up to the trailhead from there. There were two hikers on Cajun Pine trail and when I announced our presence sneaking up behind them, they were startled and jumped out of the way.

The day started out cool with temps in the 50s so I had a windbreaker on when we first left the house. After about a half an hour it warmed up and I was able to take off the jacket. It eventually got up into the low 60s. On the ride back to the house there was a loose pitbull on Raven Road but it didn't make any attempt to bother us.

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