June 8 & 9, 2013

Location =  Sandia Peak Ski Area  
Distance =  17.0
Time =  
Ave. Speed =  
Max. Speed =  
Monthly Dist. =    89.74
Yearly Dist. =  531.28

These are my last two rides in the forest until further notice. The Sandia and Manzano ranger districts are both shutting down. Even the crest highway will be closed. That's how it is going to be until we get some rain.

I didn't have my speedometer so the distance is estimated at 8.5 miles down the King of the Mountain trail, twice. On Saturday Deb came up to the mountain with Sofie and walked up to the top of the mountain. Good Job! Even more amazing than that, is that I managed to get her on the chairlift and off she went, down the mountain. That was very brave of her. Good Job, Again!

At the end of the day Sofie and I went down King of the Mountain. I took it easy on her. She had already walked up the mountain, so I didn't want to make her run too fast to try and keep up. She's pretty smart. It doesn't take her long to figure out that if she hangs back on the trail she can shortcut all the switchbacks. We stopped for a water break about halfway down and then cruised into the bottom. It might be a while before we get to ride together in the forest.

My ride on Sunday was down King of the Mountain, also, but this time without the dog. I was able to go faster without Sofie, and as I came around a curve I slowed because there was a scrawny-looking, female turkey right next to the trail. She didn't run away as I came up on her, and then I noticed the reason why. If I looked closely I could see pieces of grass moving around her. There were six or eight tiny chicks following her around that weren't even three inches tall. They couldn't have been more than a few days old. They were really cute. If I had any clue as to what I was doing I might have grabbed a couple and tried to get them ready for Thanksgiving. Just kidding.

Well, that about wraps up the bicycle season at Sandia Peak. Hopefully, we'll be back soon.

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