July 23, 2013

Location =  To Sandia Creat and Back  
Distance =  61.30
Time =  6:11:12
Ave. Speed =  9.9
Max. Speed =  43.0
Monthly Dist. =    78.30
Yearly Dist. =  618.23

The forest is open and I can make my attempt on the summit, legally. I have a couple tricks that I could have tried, but it's better that it didn't have to come to that.

I started about 7:30 a.m. in order to try and get back before late afternoon. If there's a chance of getting caught in a storm it is most likely to happen later in the day. As it turned out, there was never any chance of rain. It was cool when I started with temps in the 50s.

I rode down 337 and things warmed up quickly as I went down. I cruised through Cedar Crest and then pulled in to my break spot near the Y to rest up before the big climb. I haven't been doing hardly any kind of exercise for the past month-and-a-half, and I suffered for that. I felt like I was very slow on this ride, but my time doesn't reflect that feeling. 6 hours and 11 minutes isn't bad.

I only had one PowerBar with me so I decided to save it for my break at Capulin. I started up the long climb taking it easy for the most part, or so I thought. About three miles up the road, a wave of nausea came over me. I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up. I stopped and drank some water and the feeling went away. The nausea came back a couple more times during the ride, but the feelings weren't as bad as that first time. I took a short break when I reached Capulin and ate my Powerbar, before heading up to the top. A few people passed me along the way. I knew I was slow. When I got to the top I found that one of the people who passed me was Becky Johnston. Nice seeing you Becky!

The gift shop and snack bar are still closed up at the top. I guess that's a permament thing. It's a drag to lose the only place to get warm at 10,678 feet. The temp was probably about 60 degrees at the top. It was cool as I started down because of evaporating sweat, but that didn't last long and temps quickly warmed up as I descended. By the time I reached the bottom it was in the low 90s.

I stopped in the gas station to fill up on water and scarf down a candy bar. After a few minutes I was heading for home. I was pretty wiped out when I came through the door. Luckily, I recover quickly, but I really do need to do more exercising.

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