July 30, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  8.53
Time =  1:21:12
Ave. Speed =  6.2
Max. Speed =  20.5
Monthly Dist. =    109.33
Yearly Dist. =  649.26

I took my rear wheel to Sport Systems yesterday to have them clean out my rear hub and get me spinning again. The mechanic worked on it for a long time, while I waited, and seemed to have done a good job. That is until I got home and tried to put the wheel back in my frame. It didn't fit! I was bummed because I wanted to go for a ride with Sofie, and I was going to need that bike by the end of the week for work. I wasn't going to let this little snafu prevent me from going for a ride with my dog so I put a plan B into action. I moved my pedals over to the red Cannondale rigid bike, aired up the tires and we were ready to go.

Sofie and I haven't been doing much riding, since before the forest was closed so we went slowly, took lots of breaks and we didn't stay out too long. We left from the house and rode over to Mars Court and we took our first water break at the trailhead. There were a couple of bike riders sitting in the shade and Sofie had to go over and say hello. After a quick drink of water we headed down the trail toward our next stop - David Canyon.

As we were making our way down the trail a big, bull snake was laying across the trail and I didn't notice him with enough time to stop myself from running him over. I could tell that he was not a rattlesnake so I didn't panic. I tried to make myself as light as I could as my tires rolled over him. I looked back over my shoulder and watched him slither off of the trail as Sofie was approaching. The snake was at least four to five feet long. She didn't even notice him and just kept running after me.

We rested for a bit when we got to Davied Canyon and I could tell that Sofie was out of shape. I could tell that both of us are out of shape. I am going to work on a plan to try and change that, starting this fall. That's easy to say - it's doing it that's hard.

After a few minutes we headed out and slowly made our way back to the Mars Court trailhead. We had one more water break and then we headed for home. Along the way we passed a young woman who was jogging with her dog. He was a big dog and when Sofie came running up that dog almost pulled the young lady over. I could hear here saying, "Heel, Heel, Heel,...." as we headed down the street.

It was a pretty warm day with temps in the upper 80s. After we got home Sofie was limping a little bit so it was a good thing that we took it easy. A foot inspection didn't turn up anything messed up with her feet so I think it's just a minor thing.

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