August 2 and 3, 2013

Location =  Sandia Peak  
Distance =  10.79
Time =  55:46
Ave. Speed =  11.6
Max. Speed =  21.6
Monthly Dist. =    10.79
Yearly Dist. =  660.05

Continuing the dialogue from my last ride, I took my wheel back to Sport Systems and they fixed the problem. The guy had put a part back on my hub, backwards, and it wouldn't fit in the frame. They fixed me up and I'm rolling again on the Santa Cruz. I saw the new Santa Cruz bike, the Solo, while I was in the bike shop. It's a thing of beauty. My heart started beating faster when I touched it. Maybe someday. A man can dream.

I picked up a new speedometer for my bike to replace the one that got destroyed by the water. I'm not sure yet how accurate it is set, but it's close enough for now.

Both of my rides down Golden Eagle were very pleasant. I didn't have to ride down in the rain or on a muddy trail. Yea! There are a few spots that are muddy but they are mostly easy to ride around.

I didn't see any bears on my bike rides but I did see one on my chairlift ride up on Saturday morning. He was right under the chair, eating some plants. He was pretty big, maybe 200 or 250 pounds. He was big enough to rip your head off. I radioed in his location and when I did he looked up at me. He had no fear at all and just kept on eating.

These will be my last rides after work at Sandia Peak. The management has no appreciation for the work that I do and they have treated me like shit for the last time.

I would like to send out a special, "FUCK YOU" to Paul Johnson, the general manager at Sandia Peak Ski Area. Thanks for taking a job that I really enjoyed and turning it into Shit.

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