August 16, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  7.89
Time =  1:19:36
Ave. Speed =  5.9
Max. Speed =  16.4
Monthly Dist. =    18.68
Yearly Dist. =  667.94

I spent a week in Michigan helping my mom get through hip replacement surgery, so I haven't been doing any riding. She's doing pretty well with it. The pain that drove her to the surgery is gone; now she just has to recover from the surgery itself.

Sofie and I went out for a nice and easy ride at Mars Court to try and start getting back into shape. It was hot out, with temps in the upper 80s so we went slowly and stopped often for water breaks. The Wild Turkey, Turkey Trot loop is ribboned off and the sign says that they working on reducing the fire danger. We didn't ride on those trails but I am curious to see what they are doing.

We rode on the Cajun Turkey trail and trying to go slowly came back to hurt me. There's one part that has some large rocks and I didn't have enough speed to cross a space between two rocks and I crashed on my right arm pretty hard. I got a pretty good gash on my foreman and I jammed a couple of fingers. I laid on the rocks for a few minutes, reflecting on my stupidity.

At David Canyon Road we stopped for a break and I saw a sign taped to a tree that warned about someone placing items in the trail. What is up with that? What would possess someone to try and hurt a person that they don't even know? It also said that if they are caught they will be prosecuted.

We rode up David Canyon to the first pond to see if there was any water in it. We waved at a couple of horseback riders along the way that were coming down from the ridge. There was water in the pond, which was nice to see. We walked around the pond and then headed back up to the trailhead. I stopped to give Sofie another drink of water and I talked with the horse riders for a little bit. They were asking me about the trails that head down to Otero Canyon. Their horses didn't have shoes so they wanted to know how rocky the trails were. One of the trails is extremely rocky but the other one isn't too bad. After a few minutes we headed for home.

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