August 24, 2013

Location =  Otero Canyon  
Distance =  6.77
Time =  1:15:22
Ave. Speed =  5.3
Max. Speed =  13.4
Monthly Dist. =    94.85
Yearly Dist. =  744.11

I drove down to Otero Canyon with Sofie and we started our ride from there. Just as we were beginning there was a family of four with two dogs that were finishing up a hike and we had to stop and wait for them to clear the trail. The mom of the family had a part cattle dog on a leash and I overheard the kids call out the dog's name, and it sounded familiar. I asked her what the dog's name was, and she said, Sophie. I said my dog's name is Sofie, also. That was a coincedence.

We started our ride by heading toward Tunnel Canyon and then we turned up the West Ridge Trail. I had ridden that trail before but now it has an official name and a sign. That is a difficult, rocky climb and I went as far as I could before getting off and walking. I had planned to stay on the West Ridge Trail but then we came across a new trail that I had never been on called, Birdhouse Ridge. I wanted to find out where that trail went so we veered onto that trail and very shortly it started raining. It was a light rain so I decided to keep on going and not turn back. After a few minutes the rain quit and the sun came out and we stopped so Sofie could get a water break. She didn't drink very much and then I got back on the bike and off we went.

A few minutes later it started to rain again and it began to make the rocks very slippery. The Birdhouse Ridge Trail was very pretty and it eventually made it's way back to Tunnel Canyon. From there we took the trail that went to Otero Canyon and along the way the rain picked up in intensity and started to give us a good soaking. By the time we made it back to the car Sofie looked like a wet rat.

As I was putting my bike in the jeep a guy came off the trail and asked if we had got caught in the rain. I said that we had, twice, and he said that he had missed it. Everywhere he went the trail was wet but it never did rain on him. I should have ridden to the south instead of to the north. Sometimes you just never know.

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