August 25, 2013

Location =  Oak Flat  
Distance =  8.32
Time =  1:09:58
Ave. Speed =  7.1
Max. Speed =  16.9
Monthly Dist. =    103.17
Yearly Dist. =  752.43

I drove to Oak Flat with Sofie and we started our ride from there by heading into the Open Space Area. We stopped for a water break at the far end of the Open Space and then we headed back toward Oak Flat. We took the backside trail up to Mahogany and then we got on Gambel Oak. I had wanted to ride down to Pine Flat but dark, gray clouds were forming and I did not want to get caught in the rain two days in a row.

We turned off Gambel Oak on an unmarked trail and then headed back to Oak Flat. We took the trail to the picnic table that has the fantastic view and we stopped there for a couple of minutes to take another water break and snap a couple of pictures. Here is a shot of the view looking towards the north. You can see Cedro Peak towards the right and the Sandia Mountains are in the background. They look all black because of the clouds that are shading them. I'll come back and take another picture on a day when the sun is out.

I also took this picture of Sofie while we were stopped. She is so pretty.

After a few minutes we headed back to the trailhead and we made it without getting wet, although the wind started to blow pretty hard. It was a comfortable day with temps in the 70s.

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