August 27, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  14.23
Time =  2:06:39
Ave. Speed =  6.7
Max. Speed =  23.1
Monthly Dist. =    117.40
Yearly Dist. =  766.66

I've been slowly getting back into shape with Sofie, so on this ride we took it to the next level. She was ready for it, and it wasn't too hot, and we took lots of breaks.

We rode over to Mars Court and headed down the road to begin our ride. Turkey Trot and Wild Turkey are still closed and ribboned off due to the fuel reduction in David Canyon that is still going on. The Forest Service must have driven a very large machine out there because the road that leads into David Canyon was crushed from the weight of something that was very heavy.

We took the road up to the ridge and then got on the continuation of Turkey Trot. We followed that along the border with the air force base all the way to the end where it came out on road 106. From there we went to the difficult part of Cajun Turkey and then went back up to the trailhead.

We stopped about every three miles or so, so that Sofie could get a drink of water and catch her breath a little bit. She did great. She even took off through the trees at one point, chasing after something. I stopped and called out to her, only to find that she had already circled around and gotten back on trail ahead of me. What a good dog.

On the way back to the house we saw a turkey at Big Dipper and Skyland. Sofie had ideas of chasing after it but it flew away when she started to make a charge. It was an overcast day with temps only in the 70s.

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