August 29, 2013

Location =  Coyote Trailhead  
Distance =  9.56
Time =  1:32:51
Ave. Speed =  6.1
Max. Speed =  14.7
Monthly Dist. =    126.96
Yearly Dist. =  776.22

I had to make a trip to the post office so I took Sofie along for the ride and on the way back we stopped at the Coyote Trailhead to spin our wheels a little bit. We parked in the lower lot and rode up the road to ride on Coyote Trail. Near the entrance to the National Forest they built a new parking lot with picnic tables and a restroom. They did a nice job.

Sofie and I headed up the trail and found Coyote Trail and followed it to the end. We stopped for a water break along the way and then stopped again when we came out on road 462. I was working pretty hard climbing up that trail. I walked a little bit in a couple of spots but I managed to clear most of it.

We followed 462 back to the trailhead and it was downhill all the way. I took it pretty slowly because I didn't want to work the dog too hard. There were some large mud puddles on the way back to where we were parked. Some of them we could ride around but there were a few that sucked us into the mud. I stopped one time to scrape some mud off of my bicycle frame and when we got back to the house I took a brush to Sofie's fur.

It was a mostly overcast day and not too hot, with temps around 80, but it was a little bit muddy. Well, for New Mexico it was muggy.

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