September 1, 2013

Location =  Porcupine Rim Trail - Moab, Utah  
Distance =  31,67
Time =  4:57:14
Ave. Speed =  6.3
Max. Speed =  23.8
Monthly Dist. =    31.67
Yearly Dist. =  822.57

I woke up early and downed a can of pineapple for breakfast and headed out for the Porcupine Rim Trail. It was about 7:30 in the morning and the sky was overcast which helped to keep the temperature cool. Temps were in the 60s which made life feel very comfortable. I was still suffering a little bit from yesterday's ride so it was very nice not to be riding inside of an oven. It didn't stop me from sweating as I climbed up the road to the trailhead, but at least I wasn't in danger of going hyperthermic.

I reached the trailhead and from there it's about three more miles of climbing before reaching the amazing view and beginning the long downhill. I was working hard but as usual, the reward is this spectacular view. Beautiful! I stopped for a few minutes and ate a PowerBar and then continued with the long downhill to the river. That trail is very rocky and it delivered a lot of punishment to both me and my bike. I tried to imagine what it would be like riding the trail on a brand new, 5 inch travel, Santa Cruz Solo bicycle. I pictured it as being awesome. Maybe someday.

Once I arrived at the Colorado River it was time to head back to town. The ride along the highway can be very frightening, but the transportation department is taking steps to build infrastructure that will make it a lot safer. They are constructing a separate bridge along the road that will be above the river and separate from the highway for bikes and pedestrians. That is millions of dollars in investment but it is sure to save lives by making it much safer to ride back to town.

By the time I made it to town the clouds had burned away and temps were in the 90s. I stopped at the Poison Spider bike shop to fill up on water and rest for a few minutes in the shade. The climb back up the road to the campground was going to be brutal and I needed to be well hydrated. I took it easy as I made my way back to the campsite, and it was a relief when I finally completed the ride.

All that was left to do was to drive back to town for a well-deserved shower at the Poison Spider and then grab some chicken wings and a beer at the Moab Brewery. I love it when a plan all comes together. Great day!

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