September 6, 2013

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10.26
Time =  1:30:36
Ave. Speed =  6.8
Max. Speed =  20.8
Monthly Dist. =    114.13
Yearly Dist. =  905.03

Sofie and I left from the house and headed out to Mars Court. Up on Raven Road there were two loose dogs but they did not strike fear into either of us. One of them was a young mutt who was scared of Sofie and he was trying to squeeze back through the gate that he had come out of. The other dog was a chihuahua who was scared of Sofie at first, but when he saw that Sofie wasn't a threat he chased us and barked at us as we went by. Those kind of loose dogs I can handle.

We continued to Mars Court where we stopped for a quick drink of water before heading down the Turkey Trot trail. When we got to David Canyon the fuel reduction that the Forest Service had carried out was all picked up by people who had purchased wood permits. Unfortunately, many of those people had driven up on the hill to retrieve the wood and had made roads where they didn't belong. It's going to take a few seasons for the forest to reclaim those trashed out areas.

We went up the Turkey Trot climb and, as usual, on that section I had to get off and walk a couple of different places. Near the top I fell down and when I tried to get back on the bike my front wheel wouldn't turn. An inspection of the wheel found that my quick release lever had gotten jammed inside of the disk brake. I fixed that, and when we got up to the top we stopped for another water break.

After a few minute break we continued on Turkey Trot and then cut back over to the road that went back down to David Canyon. From there we went to the Wild Turkey Trail by the pond and then back up to the trailhead. Sofie chased after something in the trees but she didn't get far. We made our way back to the house without any incidents and a nice afternoon ride was complete. It was a warm day with temps in the low to mid 80s and it was mostly sunny. Sofie took a big drink of water and a long nap when we got back home.

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