Friday, January 17, 2014

Location =  In the Neighborhood  
Distance =  5.02
Time =  45:45
Ave. Speed =  6.5
Max. Speed =  17.7
Monthly Dist. =    66.76
Yearly Dist. =  66.76

Sofie and I went out for a short ride around the neighborhood. When we got down to Skyland I saw neighbor Bob in his yard so we stopped and visited with him for a while. After catching up on the local gossip we headed over to Mars Court to see how things are looking in the forest.

We went down Turkey Trot a little ways until it was obvious that melting snow and ice were turning the trail into mud. We went back to the trailhead and then down the road for a short distance. Same thing, mud. Mars Court is not ready for riding.

I stopped to give Sofie a drink of water and the we rode over to the mailboxes to collect the mail. We went back to the house by way of Peacock and then made one extra lap around the driveway in order to make it to the five mile mark.

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