Saturday, January 25, 2014

Location =  Grants, New Mexico  
Distance =  12.40
Time =  1:29:01
Ave. Speed =  8.3
Max. Speed =  31.5
Monthly Dist. =    100.62
Yearly Dist. =  100.62

I met Bill, the running member of the "Psycho Dawgs" Mt. Taylor Quad team, at Whole Foods on Carlisle at 9:00 in the morning, and we headed west. The plan was that I would ride up the bicycle part of the race while Bill drove the Jeep to the start of the running part, and then leave the key under the bumper. When I arrived I would drive up the run section and find Bill.

I began my ride about a mile past the real start of the race. It's mostly flat in the beginning as the road heads out of town. After that there are some sections of climbing and even some sections of descending. Compared to riding up to Sandia Crest this is a piece of cake. The last two miles are the most difficult of the entire ride. As long as I can save enough energy to manage those last two miles, I will be fine. I'm not there yet. I almost puked about a mile from the top. I stopped and retched a couple of times and then I was fine. I also stopped a couple of times because of cold ears. I put my headband on by the gate of the prison and then I took it off a short while later. I put it back on before I got to the top.

I finally came across Bill while he was on his way back down. He was suffering just as much as I was, if not more. What is it that makes us old guys think that we can do stuff like this? Very strange.......

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