Thursday, January 30, 2014

Location =  Cedro Peak, Tijeras, New Mexico  
Distance =  7.17
Time =  1:13:18
Ave. Speed =  5.8
Max. Speed =  19.2
Monthly Dist. =    107.79
Yearly Dist. =  107.79

We drove to Juan Tomas and parked near the bottom of road 542. Sofie and I headed up the road to the peak. It was a gray, windy sort of a day and surprisingly warm with temps in the 50s. I'm glad that I decided on wearing my windbreaker instead of my heavier jacket. There was still a little bit of snow in the shadows but what little mud there was I was mostly able to ride around and avoid.

When we got close to the top the wind became very gusty and strong. When we arrived at the top we went and hid out behind a concrete wall and took a break. Sofie drank a little bit of water and then we headed back down. We explored a couple of side trails on our way down, but we didn't get too far because of the mud. I've learned that lesson before.

We took another break at the "stone steps" curve just to enjoy being outside for a little longer. Here is a picture of Sofie looking like a giant compared to the bike. After a few minutes we headed back to the car. Sofie was a Muddy mess, but at least it was mostly dried mud. That's why I bring a towel for her to sit on. When we got back to the house I had to brush her about five times before I could let her inside.

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