Friday, January 31, 2014

Location =  To the Freeway and Back  
Distance =  21.45
Time =  1:37:22
Ave. Speed =  13.1
Max. Speed =  36.5
Monthly Dist. =    129.24
Yearly Dist. =  129.24

I went out for a training ride, down to the freeway and back. Most of the training happens on the "back" part of the ride. That would be the uphill portion.

Sofie hates it when I go on these rides because I leave her in the backyard and she can see me ride away. She barks at me to take her along with me, but I can't do it on the road rides. And besides that -- the 10 miles of downhill would put a real hurt on her.

I'm feeling a little bit stronger as my training progresses. On days that I'm not riding outdoors I'm getting on the trainer and doing an hour or so when I can fit it in. It's hard work but it sure feels good when I stop.

There's only two weeks to go until the Mt. Taylor race. I'm doing the best that I can.

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