Wednesday, Februry 12, 2014

Location =  To Sandia Crest and Back  
Distance =  61.68
Time =  6:22:28
Ave. Speed =  9.6
Max. Speed =  41.0
Monthly Dist. =    83.06
Yearly Dist. =  212.30

I headed out a little bit after 8:00 while it was still chilly, in the 20s. The ground was frozen which meant that there was no mud which was nice. I headed down the hill at a pretty good pace because I wanted to reach warmer air as soon as possible. That didn't really happen until after my break at the break spot near the Y. There was quite a lot of dirt and debris on the shoulder and the sidewalk that is left over from last week's snowfall. All in all, road conditions were pretty good. There was no snow or ice on the road and only a couple of wet spots which were high up on the mountain where you would expect them to be.

I fully rested at the break spot and then began the climb to the crest. I took off my head band and loosened up my jacket. It was warming up but there was still a chill in the air, especially when the wind blew. I was pushing myself a little bit more than normal because I wanted this to be a training ride for the quad race, which is this Saturday. I was working hard until I passed the ski area, when I started to run out of gas as I climbed up out of the brief downhill section. I even felt a little nauseous for a few minutes. I dropped down from my middle chain ring to the small one and my cadence slowed to a crawl. I had put out a lot of effort for about two-and-a-half hours and now I needed a rest. Initially, I had thoughts of riding to the top without stopping at Capulin, but I threw those thoughts away and pulled in to take a break.

I took a moderately long break but did not eat a PowerBar due to my queasiness. Then it was back on the bike for the ride to the top. I didn't feel strong and I didn't feel like I was suffering, so I was at a happy medium. Upon arriving at the top I went inside for a short break. It was 29 degrees up there which is cool, but not bad for February. I had brought all of my cold ride clothes with me but I didn't use any of them. I knew that once I got to the bottom I would be toasty so I decided to tough out the first few miles with just my headband and full-fingered gloves. It wasn't until I was below the ski area the temperatures climbed up into the 40s and then on into the 50s. Very nice.

I pulled into the gas station to fill up on water and remove my headband and switch out my gloves for the half-fingered ones. The snack area was crowded and there wasn't anyplace to sit down. I was going to buy a candy bar but they raised the prices so I decided to skip it. Instead, I went outside and sat on a curb and ate a PowerBar. I needed it. After that I was heading for home.

The ride back up 337 to Raven Road felt pretty good. I think that I am getting stronger. That hasn't translated much toward getting faster but it will have to do.

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