Friday, Februry 21, 2014

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10.03
Time =  1:47:56
Ave. Speed =  5.5
Max. Speed =  26.7
Monthly Dist. =    131.40
Yearly Dist. =  260.64

This ride was a big mistake. I have been encouraged by how dry most of the Mars Court trails have been, so I wanted to explore some other trails and see how they are doing. Sofie and I rode from the house and headed out for a ride.

We went down Wild Turkey to Cajun Turkey and it was in pretty decent shape at the beginning. We crossed the road and continued along, and where the forest got thicker and the trail had more shade the menace called "mud" became evident. I know better than to go out there, I shouldn't have gone out ther, and yet there I was -- out there. What an idiot.

I tried to ride around some of the wet spots but other ones spots would reach out and grab me. Sofie and I took a quick water break at the rocky spot and then we continued out to David Canyon Road. From this point we could go back on the road but my experience in past years tells me that that is one of the wettest spots out there. My other option would be to head up Drop In trail and hope for the best. I selected option number two and went for it. That was a terrible mistake. The trail had lots of mud and farther along it had lots of steep areas that forced me to walk. Every now and then I would stop and find a stick and clear away the mud that was accumulating at the top of the rear triangle on my bike. My progress was very slow, especially when I was walking uphill. Sofie would run ahead and stop and look back and wonder what was taking so long. Sorry dog.

Eventually, we came out on top of the ridge and took the road back down. Thankfully, that road was dry. On the way back up the road to the trailhead we had perfect timing to run into a guy who came jogging out of the Cajun Turkey trail. We chatted for a minute about where the heck winter went and then Sofie and I headed for home.

It was a sunny day that felt warmer than it really was, which was in the mid 40s.

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