Sunday, Februry 23, 2014

Location =  Oak Flat and Pine Flat  
Distance =  10.0
Time =  2:00:00
Ave. Speed =  5.0
Max. Speed =  20.0
Monthly Dist. =    141.40
Yearly Dist. =  270.64

I drove over to the Oak Flat trailhead and Sofie and we started our ride from there. There were a lot more cars than usual that were parked there. The weather is getting nice and it is bringing people into the outdoors.

We headed over to Mahogany trail but before we could get there we had to get by a lady who was out walking her dogs. She had one dog on a leash and seven of them off of the leash. They ranged in size from small, mop dog to giant, german shepherd. A couple of the dogs came over to check Sofie out. I was telling them, "No!" and sheilding Sofie with my body. The lady was trying to round up her dogs and was telling me not to get them excited. She managed to gather all of the dogs up and moved off of the trail so we could pass by. I said, "Thank you," and away we went. She had her hands full with all of those dogs. That's too many.

We made our way to Mahogany and started down the trail. Almost immediately we came up behind four people on horseback. The last horse knew we were there but I had to call out to get the attention of the rider. The people pulled their horses off to the side of the trail so we could go by. I rode between them slowly and Sofie ran around behind them. I thanked them and off we went. Before we got down to Juan Tomas a motorcycle came up the trail. It was a busy day in the forest.

We got down to Juan Tomas and then turned towards the highway and then up Poker Chip trail. We went a little ways up that trail and then stopped for a water break. It wasn't a very good place to take a break because not far away from us someone was shooting a gun. Sofie wasn't too happy about that. After a few minutes we headed out and soon we couldn't hear any more gunshots. As we moved out I noticed that my bike computer wasn't working. I started it again but I'm not sure how much data I lost. The numbers for this ride are estimates.

I was riding along minding my own business when something grabbed my front wheel and slapped me down to the ground. Luckily, I wasn't going very fast but it still suprised me and drew a little blood out of my leg. It's just a reminder that disaster can strike at any moment. This time it was a small branch about three inches long that somehow managed to hook one of my spokes and down I went.

We continued up the trail until it came to a spot that was steep and muddy and that I would have to walk up, or there was a trail to the right that I wouldn't have to walk up. We took that trail. It was muddy in places which sucked but we had to keep going. The trail turned out to be the Gambel Spur that ends up over by Thunderbird. From there I put a leash on Sofie and we walked about a quarter mile up the highway to Pine Flat. We took another break at one of the picnic tables that are there. They are doing some work on the trailhead at Pine Flat. I think that they are rebuilding the road and creating more parking. Good.

We left Pine Flat and headed back up toward Oak Flat. We had to wander around a little bit before we found the trail. Also, we had to deal with more mud. A few more days of sun and warm temperatures should take care of the rest of the mud. Of course, just before it is completely dried out it will probably rain or snow again.

On the way back to the car we passed a family that was having a pizza party at some picnic tables. They tossed Sofie a piece of pizza crust and now they had a new best friend. I had to go and get her so that we could leave.

It was a nice day for a ride. Partly cloudy with temps in the 50s.

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