Wednesday, Februry 26, 2014

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  10.0
Time =  2.00:00
Ave. Speed =  5.0
Max. Speed =  20.0
Monthly Dist. =    151.40
Yearly Dist. =  280.64

Sofie and I went back out to Mars Court to try and further explore some of the tree-cutting trails that are near Turkey Trot and David Canyon. We rode from the house and started down Turkey Trot but we only made it about a quarter of a mile before I went down hard in a very rocky area. Ouch! I hurt my hand and arm and my leg. To add insult to my injury, I got a flat tire. On top of that, my bike computer broke so the numbers for this ride are estimates.

I replaced my inner tube while an impatient Sofie wondered what was taking so long. After I finally got enough air in the tube to ride on, we continued down the trail. When we were almost down to David Canyon I started looking for the trail that I thought went up the hill and I couldn't find it. It turns out that I was mistaken about where the trail started out and where it ended up. When I did eventually find the trail it didn't really go anywhere.

After realizing that I was wasting my time looking for a trail that had nowhere to go, we went down to David Canyon Road and then rode all the way to the Isleta Indian Reservation and took a water break. Here is a picture of Sofie trespassing on Indian land.

It was very quiet and peaceful in the forest. There was nobody around for miles and we took our time on the break so that we could enjoy it to the fullest. Eventually, we had to leave so we headed out the way we had come in. I had left my damaged tube where I changed it and I wanted to pick it up on the way home.

It was a partly cloudy day with temps in the low 50s. The trails were in excellent shape for February. Very dry and free of mud. Unfortunately, that did not last. A couple of days after this ride it rained and snowed and returned the forest to a "Do Not Enter" situation. It sucks that we won't be able to go out into the forest for a while, because of the mud, but we do need the moisture.

Something happened to my left hand after this ride. That night it became very weak and painful. I wrapped it up in an ace bandage and it seemed much better by the next day. What was weird was that it didn't hurt like that during the ride, only hours later.

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