Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Location =  Oak Flat  
Distance =  9.15
Time =  1:26:12
Ave. Speed =  6.1
Max. Speed =  16.2
Monthly Dist. =    79.11
Yearly Dist. =  359.75

Sofie and I drove over to Oak Flat and we parked at the trailhead and began our ride there.

We rode by the picnic table and down to Deadman and then veered into the Deadman trailhead area to check that out. There are a couple picnic tables there but they are not easy to get to. There is a long road out to the highway and a gate to keep out traffic. There were a couple of side trails that we explored and then we got back on Deadman trail and headed for Pine Flat.

From Pine Flat we went back up the Connector and then got onto Gambel Oak. I think we were on Poker Chip and Mahogany and then we extended the ride by going down Ponderosa into the Open Space area. We wandered all over the place.

It was a nice day with temps in the 50s. The trails were almost completely dry with only a few damp spots. A couple more dry days and the trails will be perfect.

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