Sunday, March 23, 2014

Location =  Oak Flat - Pine Flat  
Distance =  7.39
Time =  1:11:34
Ave. Speed =  6.1
Max. Speed =  16.1
Monthly Dist. =    86.50
Yearly Dist. =  367.14

Robert came by and he picked up Sofie and myself and we parked at the Oak Flat trailhead. We began our ride by way of the picnic table and then down to Deadman and Pine Flat. In order to bypass some climbing in Pine Flat we went out on the highway to ride down to Thunderbird. We waited until there weren't any cars coming and then we headed out on the road. Sofie didn't understand the concept of running along the side of the road so she was out in the middle of the street. I decided that we would be safer if we were on the other side of the guard rail. I stepped over the rail with my bike and Sofie went under it, and we made it safely down to Thunderbird and then to the Gambel Oak Spur.

We went up the Gambel Oak Spur trail and took a water break where it met up with Poker Chip. That is a pretty spot in the forest. While we were sitting there a guy came riding by with his border collie. It was a beautiful day to be out for a ride with your dog.

After a few minutes rest we went down to Juan Tomas and then over to Mahogany for the climb back up to Oak Flat. Near the start of the climb I saw a large, galvanized, metal structure a short ways from the trail. I had seen it on my last ride on Mahogany but this time we went over to see what it was. It's an artificial pond built to provide the forest animals with a drink of water. It's a large tank ringed with a big scoop to catch rainwater and then it delivers it about 50 yards downhill to a little bathtub thing that is sunk in the ground. Very cool. I will come back with a camera to take a picture.

We continued up Mahogany and at one of the steeper sections two riders were walking ahead of me. I had to call out to them to have them give me room to ride by. At the next intersection I stopped to wait for Robert to catch up and a couple kids stopped and we talked for a few minutes. One of them was on a mountain bike and the other one had a small dirt bike with little wheels. The two walkers finally made it up and Robert followed soon after.

We finished the climb up to Oak Flat to get back to the car and Robert seemed to go into a physical deficit. It was his first ride of the year and I think he was suffering from the effort. He ended up lying down in the parking lot by the car for a few minutes until he could get his strength back. When we were finally ready to go, Sofie played hard to get because she didn't want to get in the car. She is a very sensitive dog.

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