Thursday, April 17, 2014

Location =  Faulty Trail  
Distance =  12.59
Time =  2:40:04
Ave. Speed =  4.7
Max. Speed =  17.8
Monthly Dist. =    12.59
Yearly Dist. =  396.51

I had to go down to the post office so I decided to combine a bike ride with that errand. After dropping off a package, Sofie and I went to Doc Long and started riding on the Faulty trail. I had started this ride a few years ago with Anthony, but like all of the other rides I started with him, we failed to finish.

I have been in Michigan visiting the family for the past couple of weeks, and I hadn't been doing any kind of exercise at all. I suffered on this ride because of that neglect. I think that with advancing age I am quicker to lose my fitness and slower to gain it back than I was when I was younger. Nothing is ever easy.

Sofie and I headed out on the trail, not really knowing where it ended up but knowing that it was about six miles long. The trail had lots of places that were very rooty and rocky, and when that was combined with uphill sections I found myself dismounting my bike and walking - a lot. Some of it was due to my lack of fitness but much of it was because the trail was somewhat difficult. The walking was never for very long but it was tiring having to get off the bike and back on again, so many times.

Sofie was having an easier time on the trail than I was, but I still stopped every three miles to give her a drink of water. We passed a couple of trails along the way including an entrance into the wilderness area. The Faulty trail seemed to join up with another trail called Armijo, and that trail took us down to a paved road somewhere in Cedar Crest. I asked a couple of hikers if they knew the name of the road but they didn't know. I'll have to come back another time and investigate further.

After a short break we turned around and went back the way we had come in. I'm glad the trail wasn't any longer than six miles. This was one of the more difficult 12 mile rides that I have ever done. I'll do it again when I am feeling stronger and more fit.

The day was very nice with a few clouds, a gentle breeze, and temps in the low 70s.

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