Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  9.90
Time =  1:35:31
Ave. Speed =  6.2
Max. Speed =  16.4
Monthly Dist. =    18.04
Yearly Dist. =  484.18

Sofie and I left from the house and headed out to Mars Court. We went down the road and then turned right on David Canyon. I wanted to check out the newly named Three Bottles trail that has just gotten official recognition on the area maps. It connects to Cajun Pine.

While we were on David Canyon Road we passed a crew that was doing some tree thinning in there. There was a guy on the west side of the road with a chainsaw that was walking down the hill and whistling as he was headed for his van. For some reason the whistling seemed to spook Sofie and she ran way up into the trees on the east side the road to get as far away from the guy as she could. I rode along for a few minutes without being able to see her and I was starting to get concerned. Just as I was about to stop and call for her she came running out onto the road in front of me. She's a silly dog.

We rode up to the Drop In trail and took that back around to 106, which is what David Canyon turns into. We rode down to the start of Blue Ribbon and then came back to the lower end of Three Bottles trail. The trail is interesting because it is being built as a place where advanced riders can test their skills. The trail splits off into different sections with some of them being designated as one-way trails with do-not-enter signs posted to try and keep out wrong-way riders. A trail marked "easiest" sort of bypasses the really hard sections, but it is not very easy. Some parts are extremely rocky and it's an effort just to try and stay on the trail.

As I was climbing out of Three Bottles there were two ladies and dog that were coming down. The gals were walking and they moved out of the way to let me try and clear a steep spot. I almost made it. The dogs sniffed each other and then we went on our way.

We finished the ride on Cajun Pine and Wild Turkey and then headed back to the house.

It was a warm day with temps about 80 degrees. We stopped three times for a water break and to give Sofie and myself a little rest.

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