Sunday, May 18, 2014

Location =  Coyote Trailhead  
Distance =  14.08
Time =  2:18:24
Ave. Speed =  6.1
Max. Speed =  21.5
Monthly Dist. =    32.12
Yearly Dist. =  498.26

I had my wife drop me off at the Coyote trailhead and I was going to meet Robert there to start our ride. I was about a half an hour early so I rode up the Powerline trail to Chamisoso just to scope it out and kill some time. I went back to the parking lot and when Robert showed up we got started.

We went back up to Chamisoso and started climbing up towards Delberts. Along the way we came across a guy who was stopped in the trees and sending a text to some friends in Croatia. They are having terrible flooding over there and he wanted to see how they were doing. His name was Carlos and he's a cinematographer who mostly makes commercials for a living. We invited him to ride along with us and we learned a lot of things about him along the way.

He's lived in many place around the world and he speaks several languages. He was once married to an Italian woman but they got divorced after he became depressed. He's currently in an unhappy relationship with his girlfriend and will probably be breaking up with her soon. He has a broken tooth that is abscessed and he had to stop and take an antibiotic pill. He's 54 years old but looks 10 years younger than that. Nice meeting you Carlos!

We rode together up to the end of Chamisoso and turned left onto Delberts. We rode that to where it rejoined the road and then stopped to take a break. Robert and I were going to continue on Coyote trail back to the trailhead and Carlos was going to bail out down the road, but then he changed his mind and decided to ride down with us. Coyote trail is a lot easier to ride down than to ride up and we had a lot of fun. Carlos finally bailed out at the Coyote cutoff trail and Robert and I made it back down to where we had started from.

We saw a couple of bike riders, and people in 4-wheel drives, and even a guy on a motorcycle who were out enjoying the trails. It was a nice day with temps in the low 80s and a gentle breeze.

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