Monday, May 26, 2014

Location =  Albuquerque Foothills Trails  
Distance =  6.08
Time =  1:07:29
Ave. Speed =  5.4
Max. Speed =  16.9
Monthly Dist. =    99.72
Yearly Dist. =  565.86

Robert picked me up and we drove into Albuquerque and parked at the end of Indian School and started our ride from there. I have new eggbeater pedals on my bike and this was my first ride with them.

We meandered north on the trails a rode through and up a couple of arroyos. My calves were sore when I was done, from riding in all that sand. We finally ran out of trail and then headed back to the south.

We ended up on the trail that follows the powerline and I tried to clear a section that I probably shouldn't have tried to clear, and I ended up falling over on some rocks. I tore the skin up on my right elbow pretty good. I'd like to blame the new pedals but it was more my fault than anything else. We continued riding toward the south but the wind began to pick up strength and the sky began to darken. It looked like it would begin to rain any minute so we looped back around to the trailhead where we had parked.

It's a good thing we bailed out of the ride when we did because about 60 seconds after we got back to the car it started to pour. I'm glad that we didn't get caught out there in the mud.

It was a mostly overcast day with temps around 80 degrees.

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