Sunday, July 6, 2014

Location =  Mars Court to Tunnel Canyon and Back  
Distance =  18.39
Time =  3:16:13
Ave. Speed =  5.6
Max. Speed =  18.0
Monthly Dist. =    18.39
Yearly Dist. =  713.71

The forest is Open!

On June 30, the Forest Service closed the forest and shut off access to every trail in the Sandias and the Manzanos. Thankfully, it was only closed for a few days because it started raining almost immediately after the closure was announced. I think that they were over-reacting to have closed it in the first place.

Robert and I drove over to Mars Court and started our ride from there by heading down the road to David Canyon and then going north, all the way to the intersection of Blue Ribbon and Gnasty w/ag. From there we took Gnasty to the top of Otero Canyon and then climbed up West Ridge trail. That got us up on the ridge where we continued north to Bird House trail and then all the way down to Tunnel Canyon. We took a break there to rest up for the trip back to Mars Court. There's going to be a lot of climbing.

We made the climb over the hill to get back to Otero Canyon and then we climbed up the canyon to get back to the start of the Gnasty trail. Our breaks became more frequent and Robert struggled with some of the trail on the way back. He was fatigued and really needed more food energy. This is how we learn, but I still feel bad and guilty for having dragged him into that situation.

It was a nice day for a ride. Partly cloudy with temps in the upper 80s.

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