Sunday, August 17, 2014

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  12.75
Time =  1:56:38
Ave. Speed =  6.5
Max. Speed =  36.4
Monthly Dist. =    74.50
Yearly Dist. =  859.86

Robert rode from his house and I met him on Skyland. From there we rode over to Mars Court and began our ride down the Turkey trails. We took Turkey Trot and More Turkey and then onto trail 106 where we took a break at the high spot. There is a really nice view from up there. I'll have to try and remember to bring a camera the next time I ride out there.

During our break it was easy to notice that the sky was very dark, expecially to the north, toward the Sandias. It seemd to be moving slowly so we didn't concern ourselves with it very much.

After the break we headed back by way of Cajun Pine, Cajun Turkey, and Wild Turkey. Pretty much every Turkey trail out there. I was at the Mars Court trailhead waiting for Robert to make it up the hill, when I felt a few drops of rain. As Robert came into view the few drops started to turn into many drops, and in a matter of seconds we were completely drenched in a tremendous downpour. As we were leaving the parking lot a horse trailer with three horses was pulling in. They had really bad timing. As it was, our timing was bad, but it could have been worse. If we were a few minutes faster we would have missed the deluge entirely. If we were a few minutes slower we would have been caught out on the trail in the mud. That would have been a disaster.

At this point we had no choice other than to sprint for home. I went on Big Dipper and Robert went on Raven and Skyland. I had a shorter ride than he did but it wasn't possible to get any wetter so it didn't matter. A small consolation was the fact that the rain wasn't freezing cold. It almost felt a little bit warm.

I made it back to the house and was forced to stand on the back deck while towels were placed on the floor of the laundry room. I was so completely soaked that my skin felt soft from the rainwater. It's very different from the hard, mineral water that we have in the house.

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