Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Location =  Mars Court  
Distance =  9.03
Time =  1:39:04
Ave. Speed =  5.4
Max. Speed =  14.5
Monthly Dist. =    70.85
Yearly Dist. =  1202.60

I finally got a chance to try out my new headlight, so Sofie and I left from the house and rode over to Mars Court. I have a special collar for her that has LEDs built into it that flash and help me keep track of where she is. I can't see it very well when she is facing head-on, but it shows up nicely when seen from the side. A car was coming when we were on Raven Road and he slowed way down when he saw us. Thanks!

I offered Sofie some water at the trailhead but she wasn't interested. Then we started down the road and turned off onto Cajun Pine. The road was a little more wet and muddy than I expected it to be. The new headlight works great. It is a Serfas True 350. It is more than adequate on the brightest setting which is claimed to last 3.5 hours, and it is still adequate on the lowest setting which is supposed to last 18 hours. It's also very lightweight. This can open up new possibilities for riding.

I was sucking wind pretty badly on this ride. I had to walk a couple of spots that I would normally ride through. I'd like to say that it's because of the darkness, but that was not the case. We made it out to the big intersection and stopped there to take a short break. Sofie still didn't want to drink any water so we started heading back. My plan was just to take David Canyon Road back but the darkness had other plans. We somehow managed to miss David Canyon Road and instead managed to get on road 106. I thought of turning around but then I thought that David Canyon Road can be very muddy and perhaps it was good fortune that led us to take the unplanned route. We made it up to the top of the hill with the nice view and Sofie finally drank some water.

When we started again the temperature was beginning to drop and the ground was starting to get firmer as it froze. This was a good time to be out riding. We made it back to the trailhead and from there we took Big Dipper to the house.

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